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We covertly install software tools that have the capabilities to

                    Capture keystrokes of screen activities on a computer

                    Reveal surfing habits, users profiles, and websites visited during browsing.

                    Automatically document the reception and dispatch of emails from all connected systems on a monitored network, onto a remote server. This enables the alerting on the inappropriate use of Emails and chats to conduct money laundering, 419 activities, ATM and money transfer frauds

                    Conduct internet crime documentation processing and reporting electronic tampering of sensitive computer information, corporate  information espionage, including file creations, evidence tracking, interviewing, examinations, investigations, fraud view trends analysis, fraud reports generation, prosecution evidence generation, collection of complaint information, investigation of procedure initialization.

                    Conduct intrusions profiling, scenarios gathering, violations of procedures and security policies of a networked administration

                    Audit through the operating systems of windows of all versions. It enable you to generate a log and audit trail of computing activities.

                    Specially conduct user profiling that can reveal causative drops in corporate employee performance and corporate productivity, ldle employee work times on emailing and chats, and other critical computer information exchange activities from employee to competitors, and provide the damage control measures about  these computing habits. This helps you to identify staff worth their weight in gold, stop internal frauds and money losses, increase productivity and revenue base.

                    Record, archive, retrieve SNAPSHOPTS/SCREEN SHOTS of computing activities from a central location or server, that can be employed to reveal user profiles in chats, Email propagation, browsing habits, as static and dynamic interactive information on internet/network activities. Snapshots provide video –like explanations and scenarios of user/employee/intruder activities



We provide auditing automation softwares packages for use by corporate auditors, accountants, managers, fraud and forensic investigators that can conduct:


_        Automatic identification of policy violations  in compliance management

_        Automatic  documentations for security risks assessments

-        Automatic documentations of users and resources across multiple platforms

-        Automatic capture of security audit trails for extracting records needed for statistical samplings, files comparisms  and sequence gaps check.

-        Automatic monitory of electronic invoicing and payments




We stock third-party covert operational equipments such as computer spy cameras, wireless night and day vision cameras, Bug and tap detection/listening/tracking devices, wireless car tracking devises, robbery prevention and investigation SPY cameras, wireless video recorders, and remote monitoring camera.




Our business offerings on provisions of network security include the provisions of the technology and procedures, the experienced expertise required for the identification, detection, Analysis,  Retrieval , extractions, protection, presentation documentation and presentation of PC –based or web-based  computer network threats, malicious attacks, risks, hacking, introusions, corporate espionage and violators evidences.


 When you face anticipated, live and difficult network performance problems, our gallery of mining suites of network monitoring softwares and resources can diagonise your network continuous low impact background measurements on your systems and network servers, to help monitor your critical network server application and hardware systems. Our diagnosis include:


                    Which machines are running out of capacity or need more drive space

                    What are the network bottlenecks in the network server farm.


As our suite of application softwares identifies daily, routine full impact trouble spots on your network, it captures and performs s.


                    Trending and hardware based protocol analysis abnormalities, devices and router failures

                    Events identifications over applications problems in real time